Mentor Sessions


Maybe you want to learn how to use that complicated camera you got for Christmas or maybe you want help figuring out which camera to even buy? Or you've been taking pictures just for fun and people have started to ask, "How much do you charge?" and that caught you off guard, but also made you realize you'd love to make money with your photo skills, and you want help with starting that. Or you feel stumped while sitting in front of Lightroom or Photoshop because you can't quite get your images to look the way you want them to. Or you want help on navigating photo shoots. Or you need help with something else?

here to help

I love teaching others and watching them have aha moments, seeing their eyes light up as they realize they can finally get their camera to do what they want. But what I love the most is watching people come to own their love of photography and begin to pursue this art with confidence and passion.

Whatever your photo questions & qualms are, I'd be happy to help in any way I can! I'll share a little bit about my philosophy and help you hone in on yours.

I wouldn't be where I am today without the photographers who were generous with their time and their tips, so I'd love to pay that gift forward!

the options

We'd meet up for an hour, in-person or on Facetime, and I'd answer any questions you have! We can cover as many things as you'd like. -- $150

Part One:  I'd find us people for whatever type of shoot you're wanting, suggest locations, and we would shoot together. / Part Two:  We'd do a 30 minute debrief, chat about the shoot, and then look over your images together. (This one's good for building your portfolio!) -- $225

If you have something else in mind, I'm open to it. Let's talk!

make the move


 "Emily was absolutely instrumental in my choice to pursue photography.  I didn’t know it, but I needed someone to speak truth into my creativity.  I needed someone to encourage me to claim my craft- something that was mine all along but that I was too scared to put a label on.  Leaving our session, I not only felt empowered and ready to take on this field that can feel so overwhelming, but I also left with practical, tangible tools to help grow my business, take photos that I’m proud of, and invest in worthwhile equipment. She answered all of my questions and exceeded all of my expectations. Not to mention, who wouldn’t want to hang out with her?! She’s fun & kind & rad & the best."
- Liz Erban

”Emily Saenz has shaped my photography experience unlike anyone else. I have gotten to learn from her eye and experience over the years and I honestly feel like a sponge that is getting to soak up nuggets of gold every time I get to be around her while she works. She doesn't hold her business and the things she has learned with a tight fist but genuinely cares about other people who are passionate about photo just like she is - and because of that, shares what she has learned and where she has found successes. She is real, encouraging, and sees potential in people and isn't afraid to share it. I feel so lucky to get to continue to learn from her and watch how she cares for clients and creates a photo experience that is true to her and helps me to find my own look and feel along the way. If you are thinking about doing a mentor session with Emily, I honestly couldn't recommend it more. You will walk away not only knowing more about the business, but with a priceless experience in your back pocket to pull from.”
- McKenna Yeskin

"Emily took the time to meet with me and open my eyes a bit more about photography. I wanted to learn more about getting the perfect shot and being confident behind the camera, and she was able to understand what I was looking to get out of our mentorship meeting. She’s knowledgable and experienced about not only the basics of photography, but the bigger picture. She has helped me understand that it’s not about who has the bigger or “better” lens, but who has the better eye. With her help, she helped me understand the importance of light and how to use it to my advantage. Emily’s passion for photography and helping others reinvested my passion in my work as well."
- Anka Raffijandi

“Emily is amazing. I was definitely nervous to FaceTime with a stranger about a craft I was cautiously exploring but she instantly brought comfort and a really inviting vibe. Our mentoring session was the best professional decision I’ve made. She was generous with her time, knowledge, encouragement and advice. Emily is such a joy to talk with and learn from, you can really feel the passion she has for her craft. She met my insecurities about becoming a photographer with understanding and wisdom from her own experiences. She also helped me focus on pursuing what brought me joy and sparked my creativity. I felt like she really took the time to listen to me and answer my (many) questions about specific equipment, style, and the business side of things. I left our session feeling really pumped and supported. Emily is a total gem of human, I am so thankful to her for graciously giving her time and expertise and helping me gain the confidence to work towards my goals!”
- Courtney DeBenning