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There have been turning points in my life when I've come across a story that would change me forever, when I've heard a statistic I'll never be able to shake, when videos of a natural disaster overtaking a county has brought me to tears, when I've looked into the faces of Rwandan kids who have been orphaned by AIDS. 

Then, there have been other turning points when I've been exposed to people serving across the globe to help those affected by these disastrous things that happen in our world. There have been turning points when my heart has been broken enough to spur me onto action.

There are moments where I'm tempted to believe darkness drowns out light, but then I come back to the truth that "a speck of light can reignite the sun and swallow darkness whole" and I am overcome with how many incredible people, ministries, and organizations are out there, doing everything they can to bring restoration to people and parts of the world in need. So this year, I want to do more to illuminate these people, ministries, and organizations. I want to shed light on the efforts that have educated and empowered me and I want to share a wide variety of them. 

I know that a story on adoption may make you cry while another scrolls right past anything orphan-related. A story on human trafficking may enrage you but not even engage the person sitting right next to you. A story on the polar ice caps melting may stir something up inside of you and not affect another's soul in the slightest.

We all respond differently to different things, and that's okay. We all have hearts that break for different reasons. And we all have the power to respond to what we've seen and heard and bring Love and Light where it's needed most.


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Mountain View brought this community center in Jordan near the border of Syria to my attention. As a church, we support this center that helps provide hope, childcare, and training for Syrian refugees and helps them rebuild their lives in a neighboring country close to home.

For more info, CLICK HERE.

Steven + Becky  |  Nov. 6, 2016

Steven + Becky  |  Nov. 6, 2016

Be the resistance. Donate to help those in war-torn countries find shelter, hope, and aid...We can still fight for the least of these!...Continue to march, make noise, and please keep posting Star Wars & Harry Potter memes because those are so good. However, we can do more. Start going to town hall meetings, find volunteer or financial opportunities to support you local neighborhood development, spend some time at the Boys and Girls club, be a voice in your city and amplify the voices of others when they are not loud enough to be heard. Get involved. (I am preaching to myself here too.) Do everything you can to show others the value of their humanity, and demand changes happen in your community. If we can rebuild our communities, we can begin to build our nation.
— Becky Hartung