Last summer, Jordie and I went to New Zealand for our friends' wedding and met a lot of wonderful people while we were there. Hannah Evans was one of the rad people we met and I've admired her ever since. Aside from noticing how conversational, beautiful, and kind she was, I also realized very quickly that she's a creative and she's a do-er. She draws. She's a tattoo artist. She takes daily pictures of the sky. She runs The Intentionality Project. And I know there's a lot more she's pouring her creative energy into.

One day, she asked if anyone wanted to be interviewed for The Intentionality Project on the topic of social media. It's something I've put a lot of thought into, so I figured I'd offer my perspective. She sent me a handful of incredible questions that really helped me pause and think about the benefits and detriments of social media.

Over here, you can read how I answered questions like:
How has social media benefitted you? How has social media negatively affected you? 
How would life be different if social media didn't exist? 
Do you feel social media has worsened insecurity in your life or helped you? 

Social Media: Benefit VS Detriment - Entry 2

Thanks Sara Maslyn for these photos!