Back in 2014, when we went to Seattle together the first time, McKenna was about to graduate from high school and she had no idea she'd end up living there eventually. A little after she graduated, she interned with Taffy and me, helping the student worship ministry (COS) in massive ways.

After that, she decided to take on an internship opportunity at Overlake Church in Washington. It was a delight to hear about her experiences along the way, catch up with her on visits to Seattle and on her visits home, follow along with her journey on social media and read her blog where she posted a ton of incredible insights. She ended up being up in Seattle for about a year and a half, until she was offered a position back home at Saddleback Church.

A week before McKenna headed back home to California to assume her role on COS Staff - go Ken! - Chloe and I got to visit her up there. We saw her lovely home, explored some of her favorite spots in town, enjoyed Molly Moon's (of course), sat amazed in London Plane, ran into some friends at Pike Place, enjoyed some frozen mules at Rachel's Ginger Beer (THE BEST), watched the Grammy's together, and delighted in the remnants of winter and the coming of spring.

Here are some photos of our weekend in back in February. Hopefully we all get to head there again some day.

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