SAN FRANCISCO | SEPT 17-19, 2017

I don't make videos too often, but I saw one Sarah Michiko made recently and it inspired me to make more videos of life. So, when I went to San Francisco with the adorable Kyrsten last weekend, I decided to go for it. Here's the result:



The Mill

Alamo Square

Sightglass Coffee

Little Chihuahua

Corona Heights

Bi-Rite Market
(for ice cream)

Madrone Art Bar

Thanks to my epic tour guide of a friend, James, Day 1 felt much longer than 8 hours. He showed us so much between our 4pm arrival and the time we went to bed; when our heads hit the pillows that night, it already felt like we'd been there a week. (Very comfy pillows, I might add. Shoutout to Vanessa for opening up her home to us. Such a saint.)

I can't imagine a more perfect time to have arrived in San Francisco. The weather was perfect. The light was just right as the sun set over the city. This place engaged all our senses and Kyrst and I fell asleep that night with full hearts, eager to see what Day 2 would hold.


Tartine Manufactory

Samovar Tea & Chai

Castro District

Le Marais Bakery

Mission Dolores Park

The View Lounge


Kyrst, the bread-making goddess, wanted to check out Tartine - that's actually why we went in the first place. One night, Tartine came up in conversation and we both said, "Let's freaking goooo sometime!" And a couple weeks later, we found ourselves in San Francisco. Tartine lived up to the hype, and after we checked that off our list, we galavanted around the rest of the city, happy about everything we were seeing and tasting and hearing and feeling.

I highly recommend a weekend away in this lovely place.

I'll post some photos soon!

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