There are some inquiries I get where I can just feel the bride-to-be's love in every word of the e-mail -- April's was one of them.

In her first e-mail, she launched into her and Steve's love story right away, making me so eager to meet them and get to witness what I knew would be such a sweet, warm, palpable love. Sure enough, the love that jumped off the screen was even more evident in person. I left our time in Palm Springs filled with joy from spending time with two people so thankful to know and love each other.

When I think about their story - the perfect timing of their introduction, their delight in remembering the little details, like the way she touched his beard, to the adventures they've shared since and the support they've given each other along the way, I can't help but be thankful to be invited into this chapter to capture moments they'll come back to for years to come.

Their engagement was in Palm Springs, their wedding's going to be in Zion, and I can't wait for their big dayyy!