HECK TO THE YES. A SEATTLE SHOOT! *insert praise hands emoji*

It's really special to get to photograph people in the weeks leading up to their college graduation. Powering through 4 years of college is quite the feat so I'm more than happy to honor their hard work and dedication by photographing them as they near the academic finish line. 

And when it's Nikki Olson in front of the camera, you know it's gonna be a good time. We got to walk the lush, green SPU campus together, take pictures in a greenhouse, share stories and laughs, and make it to glorious Gas Works for some final frames.

Nikki, you're just so full of life. I loved having you lead me around your stomping grounds and I treasure the chance to take pictures of you in places you hold so dear. Thanks for letting me see SPU and Gas Works through your eyes.