About a year and a half before taking these, I was taking engagement photos for these two lovebirds, and as you can tell by what I wrote in that post, the whole thing was such a blast of an opportunity, and very surreal I might add - but to be taking maternity photos for them, now that's a whole 'notha level of surreal, let me tell you. It feels like Luke & Katie's story is just one beautiful, redemptive chapter after another and so far, I am loving being the photojournalist of it all. And nowwww, I get to document little baby Jameson's life and one day, show him that we took these when he was still in the womb. LIFE IS CRAZY.

Isn't my sister so painfully adorable? So beautiful and radiant in her 30-Weeks-Pregnant glory. And the way Luke loves her -- I just can't get enough. Their vibrant love is going to bless little Baby Bihl so much. What a wonderful home he was just born into ON SUNDAY! 
(Clearly, I'm a little late on posting these maternity photos).


Stay tuned for photos of delivery day!

I can't believe that sweet baby boy was JUST growing in Katie's body.
Life is wild. Love is awesome. Birth is a straight up miracle.