Got to try something a lil' different the other day and I'm so happy about it.

I've been wanting to do a lifestyle engagement session where I go hang out with a couple and photograph them as they do their thang, whether that's a date to Sidecar, a Pokemon Go adventure, a surf session, or camping like Jill and Jer chose! I love getting a glimpse into a couple's dynamic as they do something they love together, something that's normal for them; there's something so special about the genuine moments and interactions that end up on display. 

I was remembering how (a while back) a friend named Jaylinn asked Jordie and me if she could accompany us on a date and make a video. Our response was something like, "Yes! Please! Absolutely!" So the 3 of us went to LA for the day and she captured us just hanging out and loving each other and the video she made is one of my favorite things ever. I wanted to be able to offer that type of gift to someone else -- the gift of having someone capture genuine, everyday moments with the one you love. 

So, when I heard that Jillian and Jeremy got engaged, I knew they'd be the perfect couple to reach out to for this sort of thing. I'm so thankful that they not only said yes to this shoot, but they came up with fun ideas, showed up with enthusiasm and all their camping gear, made me laugh so much and made each other laugh the entire time.

Their love for one another is undeniable, their joy is contagious, and the way they shine together as a team is really something beautiful.