Eve + Shane | Disneyland Couples Shoot


Here's the thing - Eve and Shane are each other's happiest place and you can 100% feel it when you're around them. Together, they exude joy, playfulness, warmth and freedom. I look at them and just feel good inside. I'm so thankful they allowed me to document them in all their giddy goodness, that they generously invited me into the joy they share.

I was editing these photos while listening to Paramore's peppy new album and the whole thing was stirring up that almost-crying kind of happiness. I just felt overcome with how wonderful life can be, with how special it is that these two cherish each other so sweetly, that they can explore Disneyland together over and over and over again and experience this contagious delight each time.

I love that Eve is bursting with joy in all these photos and I love all the little idiosyncrasies that come with her laughter. I love that Shane is so playful, that he's not afraid to be childlike or to dance in the middle of the park, twirling his girl around.