Man oh man, I love these people and I love this project and I love that I got to photograph this event.

When I worked at Saddleback doing Student Ministries Worship, my empowering boss commissioned me to start a songwriting part of our ministry. The catch: I had never done songwriting. But he kept bringing it up, and eventually we launched Writing Cluster. God richly blessed me during that time as I got to spend two years having inspiring conversations with Taf, planning songwriting meetings and retreats, watching the recording process, and hanging out with such creative, inspiring, vibrant junior high and high school students.

After all that God did in and through Writing Cluster, I couldn't help but be overjoyed to photograph the COS Live Recording. Capturing a bunch of students coming together to record a live album of songs they prayerfully and passionately poured themselves into?! SIGN. ME. UP. I can't express how blown away I am by these students who bring God so much delight as they sing new songs to him and lead others to know and worship Jesus through music.

Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled for what will be an epic compilation of "Cluster of Students" originals that will make you dance, cry, and enjoy some beautiful moments with the Lord. (It comes out in October and I am pumped!)