It's rare that I get to photograph couples who are already married but without kiddos. In fact, I think Ben + Kadin may be the only pair that have reached out to me to do so. And I love that they did! I'm a big supporter of couples who decide they want to document their life and love, who embrace anniversaries as an opportunity to say, "Here's what our love looked like at this point in our lives."

Engagement season is amazing, brimming with excitement and hope. Weddings are, without a doubt, monumental days and there's a radiance that couples exude on the day their union begins. But there's beauty and significance and love in the everyday, as well!

Capturing couples who've been married for years has been rare in my experience, but I want to do a lot more of it because as I reflect on this time with Ben and Kadin, I feel so thankful to have been a part of their desire to commemorate this season in their life.

You can decide that this month, just for fun, just for the memories, you're gonna do a photo shoot with your husband or wife. You can decide that your 1 year anniversary is worth documenting! Or your two year. Or your next vacation. Or your next trip to the grocery store. Why not!

"2 years in your arms, 2 years of the greatest adventures, 2 years of laughing till I almost pee my pants, 2 years of binge watching our favorite tv shows, 2 years of funny faces, and 2 years of watching our love grow stronger." - Kadin Godwin
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