Sentimentality is something I'm into, so when Ashley Donahue texted me about senior pictures and said, "I thought it would be special to have you do it since you took my high school pictures," my heart lit up. It is a privilege to just be around Ashley and be blessed by her encouragement, radiant joy, laughter, creativity, and thoughtfulness, so to get to document such important milestones in the life of this sweetheart was a privilege x 10. 

I love you, Ash. I'm so eager to see where God leads you in this next season of life. You're so good at taking His hand and trusting Him to lead you, so I know you're embarking on what will be a sweet adventure of experiencing deeper intimacy between you and Jesus, your Anchor and Compass.


If you are in need of senior portraits, I highly recommend doing them in February, March, or April! Head to the Contact page to set up a session with me!