When I saw a message from Nikolette in my DMs asking if I could shoot her sister's wedding in Italy, I lost my mind. ITALY? Yes. Yes. Yes. 1,000x yes. I'd been wanting to go to Europe for foreverrrrr, and to get to go out for a wedding?! You gotta be kidding me.

All the details came together, and in October of last year, I flew out to the land of Italy, a place I'd never been to. The bride and groom so graciously picked me up from the airport and soon after that, I got to meet their incredible families. Despite all the unknowns and the newness, I found myself feeling right at home with all of them right away. (They're the most welcoming bunch ever.) They kindly invited me into their plans to go experience Rome and all it has to offer. It's hard to describe the grandeur of things like shuffling through the Vatican, exploring the Colosseum, walking the beautiful, history-filled streets of Rome, and stumbling upon the Pantheon, but all I know is my eyes soaked it all up and my heart swelled and then swelled some more in awe at this rare and incredible opportunity.

After three days in Rome, we headed to the beautiful town of Spoleto, which is about 2 hours away, and drove up through the countryside upon the type of place I thought I'd only ever see in movies. (See below.) We spent a couple days there, relaxing and prepping for the wedding, and on Thursday, October 11, Alexa + Aaron tied the knot. Stone arch towering tall. Trees leaning in closely. The sun shining through their branches. Family and friends gathered around on wooden benches. The stirring of leaves and the presence of Love, overflowing and filling hearts, in this secret Spoleto garden. It was like being in a dream. In this serene, surreal space, Alexa & Aaron said, "I do," and began the next chapter of their lives.

Alexa and Aaron, thank you for this unforgettable opportunity. Your wedding was so special, so unique, and when I look at these photos, all the warmth of this time comes back to me. The kindness, creativity, hospitality, and generosity given from you and your friends and families are treasures I carry with me to this day.

Click here to see my photos from Rome!