To start, my name is Emily Saenz - like "signs" if you were finding it tricky. (Most people do, don't worry!)

Growing up, I always took multiple disposable cameras to camp and would beg to have the pictures developed right when I got home. From very early on, I had this obsession with making & capturing memories. I've always loved having a camera with me, long before I realized not everyone made sure they had one at all times. (Long before everyone we had cameras on iphones.)

With the eye-opening insights of Shannon Leith, I learned early on in my photo-taking journey that no matter what camera you hold in your hands - or if you're holding one at all - we've all been given eyes to see the beautiful world out there. Seeing is what it’s all about. 

I want to be someone who sees well — who sees beauty. who sees people. who sees light. with eyes wide open, I want to keep falling more in love with life, and I want to capture what I see in the world around me. 

I'm passionate about documenting life as authentically as possible and a firm believer that photos help us appreciate the life we've been given. I've heard it said, “We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us” and I cant’ shake the sentiment.

So I want to help make photographs that reflect back to you the parts of your life that mean the most. I want you to be able to hang onto your best parts, to honor them with photographs and be able to see the beautiful story you get to live out.


I'm into my loving & quirky husband, my family, almond milk lattes, friendly baristas, writing, the rain, popcorn, New York, Mountain View, musicals (Hamilton & Dear Evan Hansen in particular), chips and salsa, good harmonies, collecting mugs, driving, ordering extra ginger at sushi restaurants, being in coffee shops, chasing the sunset, meeting new people, wearing stripes, and being in airports.


top photo by Sara Maslyn
bottom & right photos by Lauren Stockton